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Knotwood shall not incur any liability under this Warranty in the event that any of the following circumstances occur:

i. Any damage to or deterioration of the coating system arising from causes beyond the control of Knotwood including but not limited to impact, abrasion, mechanical damage, neglect, malicious damage, fire damage, pollution, abnormal weather conditions and excessively salty environments.

ii. Where the surfaces have been re-coated in plant or touched up in situ for one reason or another, without the prior written agreement of Knotwood.

iii. Where exposed surfaces have not been adequately sealed with a suitable sealant or mastic.

iv. Where failure is associated with exposure of the coatings to temperatures in excess of 70 degrees Celsius, or to acid or other hazardous sources, which are damaging to powder coatings.

v. Where failure is associated with the use of adhesive tapes, or with the use of sealants or mastics.

vi. Where the coated surfaces have not been maintained by the property owner in accordance with the Knotwoods recommended care and maintenance procedures.

vii. Damage or deterioration caused by any accident or normal wear and tear or by any default or misuse of the powder coated joinery by the property owner or any third party.

viii. Where the aluminium extrusions used  have not been powder coated by an Knotwood Approved Applicator.

ix. Where the fabricator cannot substantiate that Knotwood was used. During the Warranty Period, any change in colour that may occur to the Knotwood finish, will occur evenly over any compatible surface provided that such surfaces are exposed to an even degree of weathering. The long-term colour integrity of Knotwood powder coatings depends on the degree of exposure to the natural elements. Where the coating is subject to pollution or a salty or coastal environment, the long-term colour retention properties may be affected.

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