Woodgrain Colours

A modern expression of natural wood tones, bringing together gentle neutrals and rich deep hues.

Our specialised sublimation process transfers our unique wood grain designs onto a powder coated surface.
The result is a natural timber aesthetic with a textured finish.

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Hamptons Cedar
Shou Sugi Ban


Grey Ash
French Walnut
Black Cedar
Teak Brown
Queensland Walnut
Pacific Teak
Red Wood
Silver Wattle
Norwegian Beech
White Ash
Nordic Oak


Light Oak
Spotted Gum
Royal Oak
English Chestnut
Bush Cherry
Western Red Cedar
Black Wenge



Decking Anti Slip Colours

Our decking colours have been specially developed to be more durable, hard-wearing and low maintenance than traditional wood. All colours include a slip resistant coating that meets relevant international standards.

Canyon Grey
Burnt Sienna

See Our Colours In Action

Why choose aluminium decking

Why Aluminium Decking. Decks are more than outdoor spaces; they are an extension of your home's character. Knotwood introduces a game-changer: Our very own Aluminium Decking System. Engineered

Teak Brown – Peregian Beach

The Peregian Beach House Builder: Menzie Designer Homes Location: Peregian Beach Photographer: Lucas Muro Product Used: 50 x 50mm 2 part Battens with

  • The stratum house blog image

Spotted Gum – The Stratum House

The Stratum House Architect: Joe Adsett Installer: Allwood Contractors Location: Sanctuary Cove, Gold Coast Photographer: Scott Burrows Product Used: 50 x 50mm Battens

Effects Colours

Inspired by traditional hues with a modern contemporary twist.

The natural variation in the layers of colour give a three dimensional effect that adds character and drama.

White Stone
Granite Stone
Terracotta Stone
Portland Stone
Bronze Rust
Amber Rust

Textured Colours

Inspired by traditional hues with a modern contemporary twist. Our refined tones are easy to pair and compliment raw modern day materials.

Textured powder coating is the ideal finish for high traffic areas. We have performed rigorous testing to create a product for performance and toughness that will withstand hard wearing environments. The fine texture finish and advanced powder coating technology create the ultimate scratch, scrub and abrasion resistance.

Woodland Grey
Deep Ocean

Specialty Coatings

We have developed high performance coatings that can be requested with all our colours and finishes.

Anti Graffiti 

A unique powder coat finish that allows for simple and easy removal of most forms of marks and graffiti.

Anti Microbial

A hospital grade coating with silver ion technology designed to provide protection against microbial growth. Perfect for high human traffic areas eg. medical/dental, shopping centres and public amenities.

Slip Resistant

Knotwood offers an exclusive powder coating finish that provides a textured slip resistant surface.

Under the Australian standard 4586-2013, our slip resistant finish is rated P5/D1.

Our Specialty Coatings can be requested with most colours. Please contact a Knotwood representative for more information.

25 Year Warranty*

The coating technologies used in Knotwood products meet globally recognized AAMA 2604 standards with regards to colour retention & uniformity, weathering durability, humidity resistance, impact resistance and chemical resistance. 

Our range of powder coated products are supported by an up to 25 year performance warranty on the powder coating. 

* Warranty is on selected colours and finishes. Contact your Knotwood representative for further details. Terms and conditions apply. 

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