Screens are a functional and clever design feature for any building.
They can be used to create privacy while still letting in light and airflow. Fasten them over windows for shade and protection from the elements.
They improve the appearance of a building by screening garbage bins, pool pumps and storage areas from view.
Knotwood’s screen system has been designed to suite all of these applications and more.
Our screens are based on our easy to install batten system which gives you the flexibility to choose the thickness, spacing and angle of the battens. They can fit any opening and are fully adaptable. They can be fixed, sliding or designed to open out. This means you have full control over the amount of privacy, airflow and sun exposure.
Unlike timber screens, Knotwood’s aluminium screens won’t rot, warp or require painting and maintenance, making it a long term and cost effective feature.

Screen System

Knotwood’s screens have been specifically designed for simple installation even DIY. All of our screen components can be purchased individually, so you only buy what you need.
There are multiple styles to choose from, flat slat for full privacy or with a gap, adjustable louvres or angled louvres that gives privacy and air flow.

Knotwood screen components are available in 5 slat sizes, 38mm x 16mm, 65mm x 16mm, 100mm x 16mm, 150mm x 16mm and an 88mm x 10mm elliptical blade and 3 post sizes 50 x 50mm, 65mm x 25mm and 65mm x 65mm.

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