Questions About Knotwood

What lengths does Knotwood come in?2023-08-31T08:14:56+10:00

Knotwood is supplied as standard in 6.5m lengths, custom sizes are also available on request. (maximum of 7m)

Can Knotwood be used in a BAL-FZ area?2021-02-16T03:00:59+10:00

Knotwood complies with BAL-FZ specifications as it is classed as a non-combustable product.

Does Knotwood rust?2019-04-03T23:17:19+10:00

Unlike steel, aluminium doesn’t rust. When steel is cut, rust begins to form instantly; if left unchecked, rust will spread and become flakey, and ultimately the steel object will fail. Not so with aluminium. When aluminium is cut, the exposed surface reacts with the oxygen in the air to form an extremely thin layer of oxide. This oxidised layer then serves to protect the base material underneath and improves the aluminium’s resistance to corrosion in harsh environments. This naturally- occurring layer is self-repairing if damaged.

Do you sell your systems with a standard powder coat finish?2019-03-20T00:47:27+10:00

Yes we can powder coat any Interpon or Dulux standard colour finishes.

How do you cut Knotwood?2019-03-20T00:33:23+10:00

Knotwood can easily be cut with a mitre saw and a non-ferrous metal cutting blade.

Is Knotwood made in Australia?2019-03-20T00:58:59+10:00

All our aluminium is sourced and extruded locally and our product is designed and manufactured at our Gold Coast plant.

Want to see how it’s all made? Contact our sales team for a tour.

Is Knotwood decking noisy?2019-03-20T01:03:27+10:00

It will make a comparable noise level to a timber decking when walked on.

What is the slip resistance of Knotwood?2023-01-13T06:52:06+10:00

Knotwood decking is available with a Non-Slip powder coat rated at grade P4 under Australian standard 4586:2013 making it suitable for all outdoor areas, around swimming pools and wet areas. Since this is the same material as the cladding and soffits, please specify your application when ordering.

When does the finish need to be refinished?2016-09-15T03:03:08+10:00

With Knotwood, you never have to paint, stain or oil it, saving you time and money.

Is there touch up for scratches?2016-09-15T03:02:24+10:00

Yes, contact your local installer or dealer to purchase.

Does the decking get hot?2016-09-15T03:01:52+10:00

Yes, in direct sunlight the decking will be warm. Aluminium dissipates heat faster than any other material and tests have show Knotwood aluminium decking to slightly cooler than traditional wood, composites and ipe.

Does it scratch?2021-02-16T02:54:35+10:00

If mistreated anything will scratch, we recommend using felt pads on furniture and protective mats for BBQ’s.

Is it expensive?2016-09-15T03:00:33+10:00

Pricing is comparable to a composite or quality hardwood, with long term savings because of its low maintenance.

How long will knotwood last?2016-09-15T03:00:03+10:00

We offer an industry leading warranty to guarantee your Knotwood will last, see our Warranty page for full details. Read More…

How is the wood grain applied?2016-09-15T02:59:13+10:00

The process involves the physical reaction between special inks and a polyurethane or polyester powder coating. Under controlled conditions of heat and pressure, photographic images are absorbed directly into the powder coating.

See making Knotwood under resources / knotwood / making knotwood.

Can I do it myself?2016-09-15T02:58:31+10:00

Yes any homeowner or contractor can do it, please view our instructions pages under resources / install guide.

What sizes does it come in?2016-09-15T02:53:25+10:00

We have many profiles and sizes available, please view the Knotwood catalog under resources / contractor resources / documents.

Can you colour match?2016-09-15T02:52:56+10:00

Yes we can, minimum quantities are required. Contact your closest Knotwood office for more information.

Whats your lead time?2016-09-15T02:51:11+10:00

Catalogue items are stocked globally, lead times vary if you require non stocked items, please contact your local installer or dealer.

Do you install?2019-03-18T18:20:13+10:00

No we don’t, we only manufacture the aluminium, however we have trained certified installers in your area please email us at and we can put you in touch with a local installer.

Can you help me quote?2016-09-15T01:08:35+10:00

Residential or commercial, big or small, we will gladly assist you with the systems and materials required. We have offices and dealers worldwide.

What screw do I need?2016-09-15T01:07:53+10:00

Because galvanic corrosion happens when dissimilar metals come into contact with each other we prefer using a hardened self tapping aluminium (aluminum) screws these are recommended for for coastal conditions. If you are not exposed to constant salt air you can also use self tapping galvanized steel screws.

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