Terms & Condition of sale

These terms and conditions apply to all sales of Knotwood aluminium products, accessories and related aluminium products, within Australia, by Knotwood Pty Ltd, unless otherwise agreed in writing with the buyer. A buyer who submits an order to Knotwood agrees to transact on these terms.

Standard Colours Warranty*

D1000 – AS3715 (10 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty)

Interpon D1000 provides enhanced durability performance for use in harsh environments. Interpon D1000 features outstanding color fastness which exceeds the durability requirements of AAMA2603-02.

D2525 – AS3715 (25 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty)

The Interpon D2525 powder coatings range offers ultra durability and guaranteed performance. Engineered using Interpon’s ultra durable polymer technology, Interpon D2525 is perfect for all prestigious commercial buildings and high rise developments where long term optimal architectural, aesthetic, technical and economic performance is required.

Knotwood Woodgrains Warranty*

STF – AS3715 (Up to 15 Year manufacture’s Warranty)

The coating technologies used in the Interpon D STF range of products meet globally recognized AAMA 2604. The Interpon D STF range of products are suited perfectly for all residential and commercial applications.

* All warranties need to be registered in order to take effect.