Soffits are a key construction element that provide a clean, finished look to the underside of your eaves. But they don’t need to be drab or uninteresting. Knotwoods soffit cladding system offers superior appearance and performance by combining the strength and durability of aluminium with the natural appeal of wood.
Soffits have historically required frequent maintenance due to a build up of humidity and rapid deterioration of the paint applied to wood soffit. Knotwood’s Aluminium soffit not only promote maximum airflow efficiency but also eliminate the need for repainting and regular maintenance.

Soffits System

Being light weight and simple makes installing aluminium soffits a snap, especially when working overhead. Knotwood have designed two simple unique systems to cover most soffit solutions. Our snap together system uses slats in 4 different sizes from 38mm to 150mm and our soffit cladding system is available in 3 different sizes and 4 different styles.  Each profile offers a distinct look while remaining simple to install.
For installation guidelines, refer to our technical drawings that are designed to comply with the requirements of the Australias Building Code. Assistance is also available with development outside of these Standards; please contact us with your requirements.

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