Ideal for architects, remodelling and replacement contractors looking for a lasting, fade resistant woodgrain finish. Knotwood is maintenance free, 100% recyclable, will not warp, rot or split and is non-combustible and is also ideal for interior use as it gives off zero emissions and the manufacturing process is VOC Free (Volatile Organic Compounds).


Superior Resistance.

Knotwood is coated with premium finishes, giving Knotwood superior UV resistance, high gloss and colour retention when compared to vinyl, wood, fiber cement and other powder coated materials.[sm_hr] 2

Better Than Wood.

Knotwood closely resemble the lines and patterns of wood without the worry of warping, rotting or
combustibility.[sm_hr] 3

Hidden Fastenings.

Knotwood systems utilise a hidden fastening system, for easy installation and maximum aesthetics.[sm_hr] 4

Precision Installation.

The 18 foot extrusion lengths means fewer off cuts and faster installations. Colour matched accessories mean quick and seamless finish.[sm_hr] 5

Low Maintenance.

No staining, repairing, painting or replacing your Knotwood. Just a periodic washing with mild soap and water is the owner’s only maintenance responsibility.[sm_hr] 6


Our powder coatings are VOC FREE. Knotwood also has a long service life (usually the lifetime of the home/building) saving the environment from the additional resource cost of manufacturing, installation, transportation, etc. for the same location.[sm_hr] 7

Designed with contractors in mind.

Developed in with architects, engineers and contractors Knotwood achieves critical code requirements,
installation efficiency and client satisfaction. The hidden fixing system, waterproof channels, rain
screen solution and trim system provide the ultimate in moisture management while saving precious time and money.[sm_hr] [custom_list]

  • Optimized Energy Performance
    EA Credit 1
    Goal – Reduce energy use in building operation through a variety of means.
    Solution – Save energy by using the Knotwood face fastening system which allows for exterior insulation. Exterior insulation has proven to be 40% more effective than interior insulation, decreasing demand on building HVAC systems.
    Supporting Documents: TBA
  • Construction Waste Management
    MR Credit 2.1, 2.2
    Goal – Divert construction and demolition debris from disposal in landfills and incineration facilities through recycling or salvaging.
    Solution – Knotwood aluminium (aluminum) is 100% recyclable.
    Supporting Documents: The Aluminum Association LEED Fact Sheet.
  • Regional Materials
    MR Credit 5.1, 5.2
    Goal – Use at least 10% of building materials and products that are extracted and manufactured within the region for 1 point and 20% of regionally collected materials for an additional point.
    Solution – All of our aluminium (aluminum) is sourced from a supplier that is within 50 Kilometres (30 Miles) of our facility.
    Supporting Documents: Capral’s Manufacturing Brochure.
  • Durable Building
    MR Credit 8
    Goal – Minimize materials use and construction waste over a building’s life resulting from premature failure of the building and its constituent components and assemblies.
    Solution – Aluminium (aluminum) siding can last up to 40 years or more if properly maintained.
    Supporting Documents: InterNACHI’s Estimated Life Expectancy Chart.
  • Low-Emitting Materials: Paints and Coatings
    IEQ Credit 4.2
    Goal – Reduce the quantity of indoor air contaminants.
    Solution – The high performance powder coating on Longboard products is completely VOC free.
    Supporting Documents: Interpon Every Colour (Color) is Green Brochure.
  • Thermal Comfort: Compliance
    IEQ Credit 7.1
    Goal – Provide a thermally comfortable environment that supports the productivity and well-being of building occupants.
    Solution – The aluminium (aluminum) siding face fastening system allows for external insulation, which helps the building to maintain an indoor level of comfort at greater energy efficiency than interior insulation solutions.
    Supporting Documents: TBA
  • Innovation in Design
    ID Credit 1
    Goal – Employ sustainable strategies not specifically addressed in other LEED credits.
    Solution – Knotwood has a durable powder coating finis that has all the aesthetic aspects of real wood. The unique sublimation process creates a believable woodgrain look while providing the durability needed on exterior products.
    Supporting Documents: Knotwood Finishes Book.