Five reasons to choose Aluminium decking

Aluminium decking combines the natural beauty and timeless appeal of wood, with the capabilities of aluminium. Aluminium decks that look and feel like wood are simply stunning, and aside from a visual feast the material offers a plethora of other benefits. Being long-lasting and virtually maintenance-free are just two reasons why aluminium is the best choice for modern decking amongst architects, builders, and homeowners in Australia and across the globe.

Here are further reasons why aluminium is the best decking material to bridge the gap between the indoors and out:

1. Versatility

An aluminium wood-look deck can be used as part of a garden landscape, to capturing a view, or for creating a comfortable outdoor space. Modern technology means aluminium decking has surpassed heat-diffusing qualities of classic timber, thus creating a decking solution that is cool to the touch, even in direct sunlight. This makes aluminium wood-like decking the perfect choice for places with hot summers like we experience in Australia. The material also stays perfectly dry underneath which makes it excellent for overhead decking to (more on this later).

2. Minimal maintenance

At Knotwood we use a state-of-the art sublimination process to create wood-like aluminium, which is greener, safer, stronger, and easier to use than wood. There is no more spending countless hours sanding, staining, or oiling your deck. Additionally, each of our board lengths are perfectly straight meaning they will not rot, warp, or splinter. Unlike a traditional wooden deck which requires a lot of attention, you will only need to give our wood-like aluminium decks a sweeping or occasional mop. Aluminium also does not appeal to termites or other insects as it is made from metal not wood.

3. Easy installation

Knotwood’s decking boards are lightweight and easy to install, designed with a simple interlocking instalment. There are no adhesives or nails, instead we use a unique tongue and groove system. Fixings and screws are also concealed to leave a seamless wood finish.


Aluminium boards are far more versatile than wood, as they can be used to make drip-free and waterproof multi-level outdoor spaces. When boards are fitted together, the space underneath is airtight and waterproof, meaning there is a complete drip-free space underneath. While the deck boards appear as if they are made from a slatted design, the space between is a unique trough innovation that fits together to ensure water cannot get through. This means aluminium decking boards are an excellent solution for an air-conditioned room or even overhead balconies that will form the roof of a shaded patio or verandah below.

4. Family and pet safe

Wood decks require potentially toxic chemicals to make them longer lasting, whereas the powder-coated aluminium we use contains no harmful chemicals. In fact, the advanced powder coating we use is the most eco-friendly available and will not chip away. It is also gently textured which means the surface is uniquely non-slip, meaning less accidents on rainy days.

Knotwood’s aluminium decks are safely rated for BAL-FZ requirements.

5. Create the look you want

Whether you are building a deck for a heritage-style home or looking to build a modern dream house we have classic wood boards or boards with a modern metallic appearance. With the traditional look of wood, and our wide range of timber colours, you will easily find the perfect deck colour for your project at Knotwood.

Aluminium decking has the edge over traditional wood

Aluminium decking gives you extra living space without the ongoing maintenance of traditional wood. Knotwood’s decking extrusion comes in lengths of up to 6.5 metres. This allows for spanning over large areas while strength and form is maintained. Our decking also comes with a 15-year warranty, providing our customers with peace of mind.

Click here to see examples of Knotwood’s stunning aluminium decking, and feel free to contact us to discuss your idea or new project. We would love to hear from you.

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