Celebrating Silver Wattle – Behind the Inspo

At Knotwood, we believe that every hue in our extensive colour palette has a story to tell. This time, we’re putting the spotlight on a shade that’s captured hearts and homes across Australia: Silver Wattle. This warm and charming colour has an inspiration deeply rooted in nature.

Silver Wattle is a tribute to the eponymous Australian tree, known for its delicate, silvery foliage. The inspiration behind this shade lies in the tree’s ability to effortlessly blend into its surroundings while offering a gentle, inviting beauty.

Why Silver Wattle is a Favourite:

One of the most beloved colours in our range, Silver Wattle strikes a balance between traditional elegance and contemporary appeal. Its warm, earthy undertones evoke feelings of comfort, making it an ideal choice for any project. Whether you’re creating a modern architectural masterpiece or adding a touch of coziness to your home, Silver Wattle is a versatile and timeless choice.

Speaking of versatility, Silver Wattle was the colour of choice for Ash and Leah from ‘The Block’ when they sought to create an inviting facade for their dream home. The result? A stunning transformation that showcased Silver Wattle’s exceptional ability to bring warmth, charm, and character to any architectural project.

Explore the Spectrum:

But that’s not all. The beauty of Knotwood’s Silver Wattle doesn’t end with facades. Every Knotwood product, from battens to screens, can be customised in this enchanting hue, allowing you to weave its magic throughout your entire project.

With endless possibilities at your fingertips, you can bring your architectural dreams to life. Dive into our gallery and be inspired by the many ways Silver Wattle and our other colours have transformed spaces.

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