A gate is a common feature in any home. Whether it is for a driveway, front entrance, side of the house or pool, it needs to not only look good, but also perform repeatedly.
For this reason, Knotwood has designed a gate system that is simple, stylish and durable. It has been specifically manufactured with reinforced hard wearing components. They simply clip together and remain true and stable over time.Our gates have also been designed to conceal screws and fixings for a clean, modern look.
Knotwood’s gate system is innovative and easy to install. With a little know how, you can even do it yourself.
You have the freedom to choose slat shapes, sizes and fixings, giving you the ultimate flexibility and style with your design.


Imagine making an aluminium gate without welding? Not possible, right? Well, now you can.
Knotwood’s gate systems use a reinforced corner stake combined with a cold weld epoxy, making your gate stronger than a welded one.
Our gate system is adaptable for any application; from a hinged entrance gate, sliding driveway gate or side door. Our gate system uses the same hidden fastening channel employed in our much loved fence and screen system.

Knotwood gate components are available in 4 slat sizes: 38mm x 16mm, 65mm x 16mm, 100mm x 16mm and 150mm x 16mm. It comes in 2 frame sizes 66 x 40mm and 100mm x 50mm.

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