About Us

Knotwood is stunning aluminium and more. Knotwood is also about influencing the most stunning outcomes on our beautiful world tomorrow, by driving positive actions today. We want our industry and community to thrive, not just survive.
The Galway-Saba family is a partnership with passion and purpose. We come from the richest families without money. A key measure of our success is not how much we take, but how much we give back for meaningful purposes. Our human capital is our biggest asset, our social impact is our number one priority.
While others manufacture and import aluminium, we pride ourselves on using local resources and sophisticated designs to build beautiful forever. It all starts with our dedicated team who create awesome, clean and green products, made in Australia. When it comes to our ESG responsibilities (Environmental, Social, Governance) we don’t want to achieve good, we want to achieve stunning.
The Knotwood team wakes up every morning driven by one purpose – love for people, planet and philanthropy. We never compromise morals for money, the social wealth we create is more important. We create the happiest culture for our team by rewarding excellence, minimising our impact on our beautiful earth, and giving back to the less fortunate in our society. That’s what makes our heartbeat with happiness and energises us to deliver stunning results every time.
We are not perfect and we cannot solve all of the world’s challenges. However, we will always aim to achieve the highest standards and the most stunning outcomes for people and the planet. In our eyes, the sky is the beginning, not the limit.
Thank you for being a part of our stunning journey – building beautiful forever.

From a simple gate to sophisticated architectural design…

The concept to provide unique aluminium systems with woodgrain colours was born. To date, we have designed and produced over 150 high quality profiles for 15 different applications. We are the global leaders in creating an ever growing range of architectural woodgrain patterns and colours.

Today Knotwood is sold in Australia, New Zealand, USA including Hawaii, Canada, UK, The Caribbean and South Africa.

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